Your goods will be entered into the first available auction.
A fee of £1.00 per lot will be charged.
If goods are not sold in the first sale, we shall try again in a second auction the following week only, with no additional lot fee. At this point we shall discuss lowering the reserve prices or the goods will be withdrawn and will need to be collected. The withdrawn lots need to be collected by the Friday following the sale or they will be sold with no reserve, given to charity, grouped together or disposed of.

Fables Commission Charges
Commission is charged 18% of the hammer price + VAT.

Value Added Tax is added at the current rate and payable on commission only.

Reserve Prices
Reserves should be agreed with the Valuer/Auctioneer at the time of acceptance and may not be increased after receipt has been issued. Fables Auctions reserves the right to use discretion on all reserves over £50. If your goods have not sold after being in two auctions, we will ask to remove your reserve or withdraw your items.

Unsold Lots
All unsold lots will be entered in the next available auction, as long as they have only been in one sale. If your goods have not sold after two auctions, then you will need to collect your items. You can telephone the office to enquire if your goods have sold or ask a member of staff who will be happy to find out for you. If your items are not collected by the Friday following the sale, they will be sold with no reserve, given to charity, grouped together or disposed of.

Payments to Vendor
Payments shall be made by cash or cheque seven days after the sale, providing:

Payment has been received from the buyer,
And the item is not subject to any dispute or third party claims.

A statement will be provided with the relevant results and our charges.
Please Note: Statements will only be paid out between 12-4pm. Unless, by previous arrangement with the auctioneer.

Goods are Welcome
Goods are welcome between 9am–5pm, Wednesday–Friday.
Please Note We are closed between 1-2pm daily for lunch, except on Viewing and Auction Days.

Bank Holidays
We are open on bank holidays. However, we are only open between 10am-2pm
Please contact the office to see if the Auctioneer is available for valuations.