Fables Commission Charges
A commission charge of 18% will be added to the hammer price + VAT.

Value Added Tax is added at the current rate and payable on commission only.

Purchased Goods
All goods can be paid for by either cash or debit/credit card. However a 3% charge will be added for credit card payments only. Fables Auctions do not accept personal cheques as payment for goods.
All goods must be collected by the following day of sale.
If goods are not collected promptly, customers will incur storage costs of £10 a day or at the Auctioneers discretion. If goods are not collected by the Friday following the sale, they will be placed in the next auction without a reserve price.
Please Note Failure to collect goods by the following day of sale could result in you losing your deposit.
All invoices once paid must be given to a member of staff and then they will collect your purchased goods for you.
Plastic storage boxes are not sold with their contents and must be returned.

Bidding Card
Each person wishing to purchase items MUST be registered, by obtaining a bidding card (bat number). We ask for £50 deposit for general items or £300 deposit for any vehicles. This is totally refundable if you do not purchase any goods.
Invoices will not be separated if two people have bought items under the same bat number.
Please return all bidding cards to the office after the auction.
If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you may leave a commission bid with the office.
For valuable items we will accept telephone bids.
Once you have successfully bid you have entered into a contract with Fables Auctions and yourself. Therefore you cannot change your mind as this is a legally binding agreement and the goods are now yours.

All goods “are sold as seen” and must be viewed prior to sale.
Goods cannot be returned once purchased and refunds will not be given.

If items are damaged/broken on Viewing Day or Auction Day that person will be liable for the cost of the item.
In case of any disputes the Auctioneers decision is final.

Terms & Conditions
Full terms & conditions are set out in the catalogue and should be read carefully.